Solar Hot Water

Owing to the changing and growing needs of customers, we are engaged in offering a large range of Solar Water Heater. The product of our company works using solar energy and suitable for making water hot.

The Solar water heater consists of a collector and an insulated tank. The solar collectors use the solar energy to heat water passing through the pipes of the collector. And the insulated tank stores the hot water formed. The Solar equipment can be installed on the terrace or another area where the equipment can receive sufficient sunshine.

The Solar equipments we provide are passive Solar water heating systems that work on the Thermosyphon Principle where the hot water rises to the storage tank and an equal amount of cold water is replaced based on the difference in densities of the liquid.

200 LPD solar Hot water system Flat Plate Collector system pressurized

1000 LPD E T C model solar hot water systems

100 LPD E t c model system

500 LPD E t c model system

1500 LPD FPC model system

200 LPD pressurized FPC model system

300lpd etc system

500lpd etc model system

500lpd etc model system

300 LPD ETC system